Programs and Activities


Performance Training Program

Enter to Learn, Leave to Lead


is an integral part of the educational and disciplinary experience at BAC.  The PTP Program is based on military core values that instill upon all cadets that discipline and respect is  the way to achieve success.  With the leadership of their drill instructors, cadets carry out their responsibilities as part of a platoon  and learn to take pride in their teamwork.


BAC / PTP Exit Requirements

The PTP Program is a rigorous program that emphasizes academics as well as physical fitness.  As part of the requirements for a cadet to sucessfully complete their assigned term at BAC, they must:

  • read at least three library books (for 30-day term) or five library books (for 45-day term),

  • earn the necessary points (6000 pts. for 30-day term and 9000 pts. for 45-day term)

  • be promoted from Level 3 up to Level 1 cadet

  • be passing all their classes